Dale P. - "Reporting in on my first set of Modification to my Z06":

"I installed an *Air-Charger CIA at about 6,000, Halltech UPS tune at 7,000,
and at 13,000 received my F-1 filter from Halltech.  Baseline with stable temps
175 oil, 196 water 51 air temp on DynoJet:450rwhp 420rwtq This was mid
Feb., with 5,000 miles on car no Mods). This was average pull, best was
454.8rwhp with cooler temps.  Today: With stable temps 180 oil, 200 water, air
temp 79 same DynoJet:
476rwhp 436rwtq car shows 13,651 miles on OD.  These pulls were with
hood down, monitoring intake temp with IR hand held meter (for stability), oil
and water temps read from DIC. It seemed that a stable intake temp of around
120 produced best results starting pull temp).

I did a total of 8 pulls swapping in and out stock air filter and Halltech F-1 filter.
It looked like to me, taking in temperature variables that the filter was worth
around 9rwhp maybe 10hp with my mods.
The *Air-charger system I am
sure helps but its hard to tell with a constant speed fan. Cooler charge at
true road speeds could not be evaluated except by seat "O" pants meter!
Mine says it works well.
 In my case I saw a small amount of surging and
"check engine" light with *Air-Charger. This would happen under light loads
(very limited), This was with tune also. But when I put the F-1 Halltech filter in
w/ air straighter. All surging was gone, and never a "check engine" light again!"

In summary:
1. All three Mods are Best together.
2. I think I have a few more HP with more info provided to Jim at Halltech and a
new "reload"
3. This car is a Monster, Feed it lots of cold air for best results.

Thanks Jim @ Halltech and Carlos @ *Air-charger."

Mark T. - *Air-Charger Big Results:

Carlos,  just wanted to say Thank You for the overnight shipping on the
*Air-Charger this week. It is a great product and let say it works more than I
expected it too!

I just got back from a private track rental this morning and wasn't expecting
exceptional weather or a prepped track due to the owners being lazy and not
doing a good job preparing it for us. The weather this morning at track time
was 88*F with 40% humidity and a baro of 30.10 making a D/A of ~1900'. The
tech personnel warned me no 11's allowed or your out. So being clever, I
rolled out a 3.8 60' and proceeded to belt out 9.26/102.99 1/8 mi and a 13.09
@129.44. The tower didn't buy the sand bagging and told me one more like
that and your gone. So with no other choice but to run balls out, I loaded up 30
minutes later with the still warm car and a water temp of 192*F and figured
what the hell let's drop the hammer! On my last and final pass, I proceeded to
drop a 1.84 60' with a 7.30/103.32 and a 11.12 at 129.66 (
view pass). I was
very happy with that pass although I can't come back any time soon. I think the
car has a 1 mph and a few tenths left in it and would probably go high 10's
with a prep track and cooler temps.  
I can't ask for more with just LG
headers, a ported intake & T-body, Jim's air filter, a 160* stat and your
product running 129 plus in summer like heat is amazing!
A few other LS7
Z06's with AR headers were present and most were only only going 96-98
1/8's and low 120's in the 1/4. That charger sure does a great job! Thanks
again for your help and tuning suggestions. My low dyno numbers of 473/447
sure look a lot stronger than that going down the track!



*Air-Charger is now known as Vette-Air