About Vette-Air        

Here at Vette-Air, we are automobile enthusiasts just like you.  The
automobile industry is a fast moving market, and we are here to provide
an additional performance edge to those seeking a little more from their

The new C6 / C6 Z06 Vette-Air Intake System is designed to give you that
additional air breathing edge necessary to overcome the competition.

-Carlos Allen Jr., President

Vette-Air, Where Breathing Equals Power!

Vette-Air Dyno results obtained at 21st Century Musclecars over a
year ago.  This particular car made 502/499/501 to the tires on three
consecutive dyno pulls...no dyno tricks, just raw butt kicking power!

You will find that many of the Fastest and More Powerful C6 Z06
Corvettes are Vette-Air equipped... Feel free to check around and