"Vette-Air" has a very effective patented design, it promotes greater air flow into
the engine, with out risking the chance of water ingestion under normal
operations.  Due to it's industry first acute/upstream air scoop, the Vette-Air
intake system promotes greater air volume for your 2005 and up C6 and Z06
Corvettes.  It's unique design and material construction delivers cooler air at a
much greater volume while maintaining the stock is very
stealth! The Vette-Air kit includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions
and can be installed by a moderately skilled enthusiast in about 1 hour.

What We Do

We are the leading supplier to many well known Corvette tuners on the market
today,  including The Vette Doctors Inc and Halltech Performance Engineering.  

At Vette-Air, quality, value, functionality and customer service is our number one
Welcome to Vette-Air

What's New?

At "Vette-Air", our goal is to continually search for better ways to improve the
breathing capabilities of your vehicle.  Our Gen I patented Vette-Air cold air
system for the 2005 and up C6 and 2006 and up Z06 Corvette has been a great
The Vette-Air Intake System (formerly known as Air-Charger) is featured in
the September 2006 Corvette Magazine and the  December 2006 issue of  
Vette Magazine!  

Home of the FIRST 9sec and 10sec C6 Z06's in
the world!

9.88@141!  &   9.94@139!

10.66@131!  &   10.52@132!

Also to a host of low 11sec and 11.0's C6 and C6
$1,095 Shipped!
Package includes QM600 Cam & Springs Kit and
Halltech Killer Bee Filter.
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